The Globe and Mail

I worked in the Globe and Mail’s video department in the summer of 2016, managing video content on the national publication’s website and social channels. While I was originally hired for vacation relief, my colleagues who I was meant to cover shifted to other jobs, leaving me fully in charge of coordinating video content for the Globe and Mail by the end of the summer.

A few months later, after I had left Toronto and returned to Ottawa, I was tapped by the Globe and Mail to launch regular video operations at the organization’s Ottawa bureau. This largely involved doing opinion work, filming on-camera pieces from the Globe’s columnists and guest contributors. I regularly did camera work for Rob Carrick’s financial columns, John Ibbitson’s opinion pieces, even acting as the Globe’s video producer and editor inside the 2017 federal budget lockup.

In the above piece, I filmed criminal defence lawyer Michael Spratt as he argued against a display of supposed unity from the Ottawa Police Service in a time of controversy and conflict between the police and their community.

Oh, I also gained brief fame as an excellent thumbnail for one of the Globe’s Gen Y Money video.

The 25th Hour – Carleton School of Journalism

As part of my specialization in video journalism, I produced short documentaries and produced the larger current affairs program the 25th Hour. Each of the three hour-long episodes of the show I produced with my classmates featured documentaries that highlighted individuals on the fringe of society. We sought to tell their stories, as my team and I did with the above piece, Bird Calling.

Cynthia Paquin is a passionate volunteer with FLAP Ottawa. The organization founded in Toronto raises awareness about the fatal effects of transparent glass windows on migratory birds wandering through a city’s downtown core.

More than that, though, volunteers like Paquin head out early in the morning to find the birds who have collided overnight: collecting the dead or rescuing the wounded.

Watch the above video to find out what motivates Paquin to get out of bed and help birds every morning.

Techopia Live

I produce a weekly live interview show for Techopia, the Ottawa Business Journal’s publication for tech startups and entrepreneurs. We broadcast live on Facebook each Monday from Ottawa’s Innovation Centre at Bayview Yards, and we interview entrepreneurs or panels of executives and experts across a variety of newsworthy and informational topics.

We’ve discussed the Capital’s potential as a hub for autonomous vehicles, explored the potentials of virtual reality in e-commerce, and talked about how to run a tech startup in the constantly shifting political environment in the era of President Trump.

Above, we sit down with three of Ottawa’s healthcare innovators to talk about their approaches to running businesses while researching ways to improve health worldwide.

While my colleague performs the interview, I identify topics of discussion, coordinate guests and plan questions. While live, I operate the camera and switcher through a livestream app called the Mevo, monitor audio and moderate social sharing and interaction on my laptop.

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